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About us

Yongkang odd Jade Insulation Material Factory was established in May 2005, is a knot full of industry and trade, absorption and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and raw materials, the establishment of the economic entity, cultural development, enterprise specializing in the production of electrical insulation materials,
The main products are: E-class composite materials (6520,66520) B grade insulation material (6021,6630 DMD, 6632DM) F-class combination of materials (PM / PMP, 6641FDMD, 6644FDMD) (6640NMN, NM, 6642FDMD) H level composite (6650NHN of , NH) C-level NOMEX paper, and other subsidiaries of insulation material products the wedge red steel (red steel paper wedge, BFHC paper end plate, insulation paper sleeve).
We have introduced the advanced production equipment, the pipeline operations automation, high precision production efficiency, in strict accordance with the national quality standards for production, the indicators have reached the technical standards, and after just a few years, the development of the existing domestic and foreign customers than 400 number, the products are exported to more than twenty countries and regions, more than 2000 tons of annual production capacity, product UL certification and environmental certification.
Since its establishment, the focus on technological innovation, resource integration, branding and market cultivation target program management, based on the integration of resources, quality improvement as the core marketing focus, the technology to create a breakthrough to risk the main line of defense for the soul to corporate culture, and efforts Achievement gold brand, to a wide range of products and services of excellence dedicated to the user, and gradually increase the influence, popularity and reputation of the company products enterprises to become large .

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